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Photo Taken At Our Engineering Department Employee Fire And Safety Committee Dinner Meeting Held At The Blannerhassett Hotel On December 19th 1949



December 24 1946


September 29 1948


April 7 1931


September 24 1948


September 9 1947


July 8 1948


July 8 1948


 August 29 1948


September 29 1948


Feb 20 1947




September 29 1947


 Under construction unknown date


September 29 1948 


John Guy Merritt September 29 1948 


September 29 1948 


September 17 1948 


July 11 1947


July 11 1947


lead burners  Pictured are the members of the Parkersburg Viscose Accelerated Leadburner Training Class at Parkersburg. They are being trained in leadburning in accordance with the provisions of the Corporation Engineering Job Training Program. Personnel in the photograph are as follows, at tables reading left to right and front to back: W. N. Moyers, - C. W. Allen, - C. E. Stephenson, - H. L. Strickler, - R. T. Spence, - C. B. Sellers, - W. B. Sole, - H. L. Canfield, - C. A. Headley, - C. H. Jarvis, - F. H. Morehead, - R. W.Ransbottom, - P:H. Nicholson, - F. B. Ward, - E. B. Anderson, - C. H. Moore. . Standing near wall and reading left to right are C. H. Wallbrown, - Shop Instructor; - G. H. Clem, - Plant Supervisor of Engineering Job Training; and D. A. Porter, Project Foreman. H. F. Snyder is Related Training Instructor in Shop Mathematics and Shop Drawing, administers Qualification Tests, and carries out ether phases of 'the Engineering Job Training Program. July 20 1948 


What is called "steeping off pulp for the presses" is Sankey's job. He is the senior of the five men.


Emptying crumbs from pfleiderer· into truck is part of Roy's work in the Viscose Department 9/20/48


28 Earnest Stephens friendly smile is popular with everyone as he works at making the grounds attractive Parkersburg American Viscose Company. August 27 1948


December 17 1946 


Guy's work as pipefitter, 1/c, takes him all over the plant. He came with American Viscose in 1927


June 4 1948

Bill Scott ia a Cement Mixer at the Parkersburg American Viscose Company an Employee since 1935  September 29 1948 


Earnest Barber enjoys his work at the Parkersburg American Viscose Company September 29 1948 



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