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 this is the last picture of the "George Lux Collection" This Picture was taken March 11th.,1947 inside the Viscose Plant Compressor Room. Standing on the left is George Lux, and many of the Compressor Room Attendants. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter 


Picture of Plant Management Personnel Gathered in a Meeting Room. Unknown year of photo. Left rear is George Lux, sitting in a tan sweater. I do think that is General Foreman, Laurence Scruggs, sitting behind the front fellow, in the dark black sweater, Laurence has a tan winter bandana around his neck. His hair is getting a little thin on top of his head. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter 


From the George Lux Collection. Taken April 30th., 1953 George Lux and his Employee looking at Notes on a Temperary Bulletin Board. The Location is the Viscose Plant Compressor Room. Added Note: George Lux is The Father Of Walt Lux and Pat (Lux) Nutter wife of Gene Nutter, whom worked in the "A" Spinning Room. Walt Lux was a Plant Foreman, and a Great one, whom everyone liked. He had worked as Foreman in The Compressor Room, as well in the Staple Dept. A Fine Gentleman he always Was. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter


George Lux & a Fellow Foreman standing on a Deck,Overlooking the Spray Pond,used for Cooling the Water,in the Plant Production Process. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter 


picture taken Feb.,27th.,1953. George Lux, checking Large Valve Positions, On Compressor Machine. Compressors are used for Cooling of Rooms, holding Crumbs for the Ageing Process, before going to the Churn Room. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter 


Picture was taken Nov. 9th., 1945.George Lux sitting in the middle,and I believe the Fellow on the left could be Bernie Richards,and the Fellow on the right looks like Shorty Goodnight, Foreman over the Yard Dept, at the Parkersburg,WV. Viscose Plant. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter


From the George Lux Collection.These two machines came from Viscose, Marcus Hook,Pa.Jan.28th.,1947.George Lux is standing behind the Machine on the left. the 4th. one over from left to right. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter


Picture taken May 21st.,1945. Viscose Group Dinner. Picture is from George Lux Collection, Father of Pat Nutter Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter


Viscose Baseball Team, unknown year. These Pictures, are Pat (Lux) Nutter's Dad, George Lux. Walt Lux is Pat (Lux) Nutter's Brother. Both were on the Viscose/Fmc Plant Management. Added Note: Gene Nutter worked in "A" Spinning Room. Submitted By : Gene & Pat Nutter  


Aamerican Viscose Baseball team about 1929. First Row: C. Baker, Lionel Eagle, H. Burns, E. Wolfe, S. Johnson, H. Furry, G. Swadley, O. Grimm, B. Sines. B ack Row: M. Deavers, L. Hendrickson, R. Grimm, Walt McHenry, H. Godbey, C. Farrar, L. Bee, G. Lux, M. Welton, R. Bryner. Bat Boy is G. Lux, Jr. Photo from Wood County Remembered.1996 Photo by Russ Tice 


 Union Meeting year unkown

Man of the hour is Laurence E. Scruggs Sr.


This was a team in one of the Parkersburg Viscose bowling leagues taken about 1950. My father, Russell Tice, Sr., who worked for years in the Viscose Cellar is on the extreme right, Wilbur Marfarland, who also worked at the Viscose for many years, is second from the left. Anyone recognize any of the other men ? Photo by Russ Tice


American Viscose Corp., Parkersburg, Basketball Team, 1951-1952. Russ Tice is No. 4. Others unidentified. Photo by Russ Tice


Here is a photo of Viscose workers taken in 1951. My Father, Carl Eckhart, is the 8th from the left. Again, I do not have identifiers for the rest of those in the photo. If anyone can help me tag them, I will be happy to add the names. Photo by John Eckhart 


Jake & Flossie Snider 1940s or 50s




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