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Parkersburg city lines of West Virginia
 car 114 at Viscose Rayon plant in Parkersburg
 June 2, 1940














front row L.to R.#1 Unknown #2 Clem Wilcox #3 Paul Frankhouser #4 Howard Turner # 5 Charles Shepherd #6 Walter Mack
 2nd row #1 Charlie Johnson # 2 Unknown # 3 Bob Moore # 4 Clarence Pickrell # 5 Unknown. 3rd.row #1 Homer Carez # 2 Darrell Lemley #3 #4 Unknown.


Charles Andrew Shepherd & son Darrell at Dils Bros Christmas time American Viscose

Oct. 29, 1951



















Pick Wilson - Parkersburg Viscose plant. year unknown 1950s


Charles Andrew Shepherd - left - with son Chuck Shepherd












Patty Ronsman - ? - Mrs Parsons - Opal Burkholder - Frances Williams - Betty Halfhill - Syliva Denkert - ? wolfe - Louis Frieze - Mrs. Flinn - Mrs. Morehead - Mrs. Stull - Lavada Wolfe. at the old Viscose plant Parkersburg WV



















































































front row- L to R  Melvin Sons- Bob Sinnett, Ed Sinnett, William Sons - Bill Brooks Sinnett, O. H." Bud" Sinnett back row-L to R Brothers Emmett Sinnett, William Sinnett, Melvin Sinnett, George Sinnett taken- March 16, 1949 in front of American Viscose Corporation, Parkersburg, WV. 


Photo of Viscose workers taken in 1951. by Carl Eckhart


















Viscose Nurse Year & name Unknown 


Parkersburg Viscose Workers - 1940s or 50s


Front row: Cecil Cook, Eleanor Hall, Barcelene Townsend. back row: Porter Marks, Dorse Wheaton , James Arnold, Sam Dotson, George Mills  1940s or 50s


Left to Right are 4 of Sam Dotson Sr.ís Grandchildren. Connie Dotson is the Daughter of Sam Dotson Jr.

the next 3 youngsters are Mary Ruth, Philip M., and Jimmy Vandevender. both Senior and Junior Dotson's

are in The carpenter shop


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